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Distribution Network Remote Monitoring Solution

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Distribution Network Remote Monitoring Solution

Distribution Network Remote Monitoring Solution

1. System industry situation

The construction of power grids is complex and huge, with a large time span, and various new and old equipment are mixed in it. Many power grid architectures no longer meet the needs of today's social development, but the cost of power grid transformation is huge, and it is not a matter of overnight. In the event of natural disasters and other unknown damages and other accidents, it will pose a serious threat to the normal operation of the optical cable, and even the line will be interrupted. The repair work is also extremely difficult and time-consuming, which is harmful to the power grid. Safety, the normal operation of the equipment will cause extremely serious impact.

From the source, improving power quality is to combine power grid transformation with the construction of new power grids. For the newly constructed power grid, it is necessary to make reasonable planning first, and use the latest science and technology to promote the network construction of power distribution network automation.

2. System topology

In response to the problems in the power industry, Xiamen Caimore Communications relies on its rich experience in the Internet + industry, based on 4G/3G/2G network access products, and builds a set of basic solutions based on Internet + for the power distribution network industry market. Realize the intelligentization of power distribution network, effectively solve the problem of high efficiency, stability, and rapid transmission of power data business, widely used in heat and environmental protection industries.

3.system architecture

The entire system application can be divided into three parts, collection terminal, communication terminal, and communication service center.

1) Acquisition terminal: mainly intelligent ring network cabinet, including primary circuit, secondary circuit, switch cabinet, load switch, transformer, relay, contactor and other equipment

2) Communication terminal: using Caimore 's CM510/ 4G DTU, the data of the customer's collection terminal's power equipment can be reported to the communication center through the 4G/3G/2G network, and it also receives telemetry, remote signaling, and remote control signals from the communication center to the terminal Control of the device.

3) Communication service center: Through the access of Caimore 4G/3G/2G DTU wireless data transmission terminal, the staff of the monitoring center can view the operating status of each device in real time, and can remotely perform remote measurement, remote signaling, and remote control. If any equipment fails, you can immediately determine the point of failure and send someone to maintain it.

4. Program Advantages


(1) The appearance is small and exquisite, the installation is simple, accord with the industrial grade product design.

(2) Support multiple serial ports RS232/485, TTL.

(3) Support multiple network standards, 4G/3G/2G full Netcom is backward compatible.

(4) Support platform management, remote operation such as upgrade, configuration, restart, etc.

(5) The product has an ARM7 industrial-grade processor and intelligent three-level protection. It not only passes the 3000V electric shock test, but also has a patented online maintenance technology to ensure that the link is online in real time. The product performance is stable and reliable, adapts to harsh environments, and the operating temperature meets -40 Use in an environment of ℃~80℃.

(6) Reduce deployment costs and effectively solve the difficult problem of light deployment and construction.

(7) Support SMS configuration IP and port; support remote configuration of all parameters.

5. Program Summary

Intelligent power provides users with a guarantee for the power quality and reliability of the power distribution network. Through the use of distribution network automation solutions, power outages are reduced, power supply companies’ service levels are improved, and people’s lives with electricity are more convenient.

The intelligent power distribution network system solves the problem of backward grid structure. It is one of the mature application solutions of Xiamen Caimore DTU. It can be widely used in smart meter reading, smart power distribution cabinets, smart power transmission and distribution industries.

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